Mother’s Day Celebrations

Happy-Mothers-Day-2012.jpgGreen Mountain Flowers the place where Fresh Cut Flowers, Foliage, Indoor and Garden Plants are produced hosted their annual mother’s day flower festival at the Old Market on Sunday May 13th. There were a variety of beautiful plants on display suiting each mother.


Manager Mr. Daryl Phillip says every year the organization puts on a display of flowers and plants and it is always a pleasure to do so.


Mr. Phillip says in comparison to last year’s flower festival, more flowers were sold.


In addition, he stated that he understands that people may not be able to purchase as many flowers as they could in the past; therefore he was pleased and satisfied with the end result.


Volunteer Mr.Igal Ovshani says he has been in the “plant industry” for over 10 years and he feels obligated to give advice to Mr. Phillip and his workers.


Mr. Ovsahi believes it is not an easy task to take care of the flowers and do a good job at it.



In more mother’s day celebrations,


The Roseau Improvement Committee invited mothers from the Roseau District to a mother’s day luncheon at the Alliance Francaise.


Mothers gathered for a lovely meal which was organized by the Parliamentary Representative of Roseau Hon. Norris Prevost.


Mr. Prevost says the main reason for this annual event is to entertain the mothers who do not have anyone to spend mother’s day with and can’t afford to celebrate the occasion.


He believes that it is important that mothers feel appreciated and this is what he tries to do every year through this luncheon.


A number of men volunteered to serve the mothers and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Mr. Prevost says that he was amazed by the turn-out because last year less men showed up.


Mr. Prevost says every day should be mother’s day and the young men of this generation in particular needs to be aware of this.


Volunteer Mr. Jeff Bernard says mothers day comes once a year and he is privileged to be a part of this event.


Mr. Bernard is originally form Australia and he says so far, he is fascinated by Dominica’s features.

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