Mother’s Day Donation

Happy-Mothers-Day-2012.jpgThe Dominica National Council of Women in Collaboration with the Caribbean Action Male Network (CARIMAN) and Bureau of Gender Affairs celebrated the value of motherhood through a presentation of food hampers donated to single mothers.

The aim of the presentation was to honor single mothers for the roles that they played and their contributions made. Director Bureau of Gender Affairs Ms. Rosie Browne says mothers work tirelessly to raise their children so that they could contribute to the development of the country.

She believes when mothers are in the mode of molding children for the future, they are engaging an important task.

Ms. Browne says there are several mothers who raise their children on their own and play both roles of a parent without complaining or giving up. She indicated that it takes more than just giving birth to be called a “mother” and the public needs to be aware of this fact.

Ms. Nona Joseph received the first food hamper and special greetings from Ms. Browne and CARIMAN. She was awarded for being a single mother as well as doing a superior job.

Ms. Browne says being a single mother is not simple and it requires a lot of work, patience, understanding and love.

In addition she mention that finance is the main problem for single mothers, yet they all manage to do it some how. Ms. Browne believes they deserve to be appreciated and awarded not only because of mother’s day, but just in general.

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