Mothers Day Pageant Show

mothersdayqueen.jpgSingle mothers are being urged to be strong and work with their children, and talk to them to make them a part of their lives.
This positive message came from winner of the 1st ever Mother’s Day Pageant, Ms. Shermain Valerie.
Ms. Valerie says that it is very important that single moms speak with their children, so that in the end they are the ones which will have a better relationship as they are growing up.
Ms. Valerie who is from the village of St. Joseph says, she is happy that she emerged victorious from the competition.
The winner said she came into the competition with the intention to win, and she worked very hard to ensure that she did.
She also said that though she had no prior experience in pageantry, she was the main person who did all of the planning, and preparations for her performance in the competition.
Ms. Valerie said she prayed a lot that, her hard work would not have gone in vain, and thanked God that her hard work paid off.
She added the young mothers like herself who wish to take part in such a pageant, must give it their best and feel comfortable, and once they work hard at it they will be victorious.
Ms. Valerie won miss photogenic, best in creative and evening wear and also miss intelligence.
Miss Amity, best swimwear and best in swimwear, and best creative wear, went to Ms. Tamika Larocque.
Ms. Shernel Cadette won best talent, and Ms. Mislyn Graham won best evening wear.
Ms. Tamika Larocque secured the second runner up position, while Ms. Shernel Cadette placed in the third runner up position, and Ms. Karen Sextius was the first runner up.
The crowd was entertained throughout the show, as the young ladies put on exciting performances.
All contestants received a participation plaque, a rose and a bottle of wine.

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