Mother’s Day Pageant

CROWN.jpgIn recognition of Mother’s Day, D’s Dynamic Productions has organized a Mother’s Day Pageant that will feature 8 mothers between the ages of 21 and 35.


The contestants are enthusiastic about the upcoming competition and all share similar sentiments that the pageant is a great opportunity to fulfill dreams and be role models.


Contestant Number 7, Shermaine Valerie a young mother from St. Joseph hopes that her participation will encourage other young mothers to be more confident in themselves.


Karen Sextius, Contestant number 2 and the eldest contestant in the pageant says that she hopes her participation will inspire more mature mother’s not to give up on their hopes or dreams.


The contestants will take part in 7 rounds; Speech, Talent, Swim wear, Creative wear, Evening Wear, Question and Answer and Interview.


Other contestants taking part in the pageant say that this show gives mother’s the chance to take part in pageantry, something they might not all have been able to do as a result of motherhood.

The show will take place at Krazy Koconuts on May 11th at 8 pm.

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