Motorbike Day Event Kicked Off

vlcsnap-2013-01-28-12h35m31s86It was all about safety on the road as the Motorbike Day Rally took place on Saturday January 26th 2013.

The rally began at 11:00 a.m. from the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard where Mr. Kent Pemberton, a teacher from the Pierre Charles Secondary School died in 2011.

They then moved north along the Edward Oliver LeBlanc Highway to Portsmouth, where they met with other bikers and travelled back south to Zaman Park in Mahaut.

Director of the Social Justice and Peace Committee (SJPC) Father, Franklyn Cuffy, who planned the event stated, while in Mahaut the bikers engaged in discussions on the ways to protect themselves when riding, while educating themselves on the necessary protective gear.

Father Cuffy mentioned that, this event was organized due to the number of fatal motorcycle accidents from March to December 2012.


Ms. Wendy Shillingford, mother of the late Carlson Corbette

He said we are all responsible for our lives and the lives of our brothers and sisters.

Father Cuffy pointed out that he is hoping that, the relevant authorities will follow this event by putting the necessary laws in place and update those which are outdated.

He is of the view that although the police officers hands are tied, more needs to be done to enforce proper safety while riding.

Father Cuffy highlighted that, many of the fatal motorcycle accidents are as a result of carelessness which is sad.

Public Relations Officer for the Bike Day Event Mr. Thaddeus St. Ville stated that, they are currently working on forming a motorcycle club, where they will continue stressing the safety measures that will protect them during an accident.

Mr. St. Ville mentioned that, there is a law in Parliament whereas the Government will be implementing that, every rider including pinion must wear a helmet at all times.

This is one of the main aspects they will be focusing on.


Director of the Social Justice and Peace Committee (SJPC), Father Franklyn Cuffy

He stated riders saying they feel more relaxed without a helmet is no excuse, and they should not think that way if they value their lives.

He went on to say that the riders of mopeds and motorcycles should be conscious of the public when overtaking and not do so in a reckless manner.

Ms. Wendy Shillingford, the mother of the late Carlson Corbette who died in a motorcycle accident on December 21st 2012 was also part of the Motorbike Day Rally.

She pointed out that the death of her son really devastated her, as he meant a lot to her and the hardest part is that he left a four year old daughter behind.


Public Relations Officer for the Bike Day Event Mr. Thaddeus St. Ville

Ms. Shillingfor added that motorists need to respect the motorcycle riders as they have equal rights on the road.

Ms. Sandy Noel, the mother of the late Mr. Corbette’s daughter, Imala Corbette, was also at the Motorbike Day Rally.


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