Motorists for Carnival Parade Advised to Make Sure Vehicles are Road

TestBayVosa-1Motorists who will be on the road during the Carnival celebration are being advised by Superintendent of Police, David Andrew to ensure their vehicles are road worthy.

He noted, the owners must ensure their vehicles are licensed and insured before they become part of the Carnival parades.

Mr. Andrew also stressed that the Carnival route must be adhered to.

The streets for the route include; Independence Street, King George the 5th Street, Hanover Street and Kennedy Avenue, with all traffic expected to flow in a clockwise direction.

Parents are also being advised to ensure they keep a close eye on their children to ensure they are safe at all times.

He added, he wants all motorists to comply and work with the police to ensure everyone remains safe.

Vehicle owners should also properly secure their vehicle when coming to view the Parade and not leave any valuables in plain sight, which could tempt criminals or would be criminals.

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