Mr.Delvin Cuffy Fined $1500 for the Wounding of Jeremiah Lockhart

Jeremiah Lockhart

One young man learned a valuable lesson after facing Roseau Magistrate Evelina Baptiste in what can be described as getting a second chance on life.

23 year old Mr. Delvin Cuffy who pled guilty to the charge of wounding can consider himself lucky as he faced a jail term of up to five years for the offence, but was fined.

According to the facts of the case read by Police Prosecutor Inspector Claude Weekes on Sunday August 19th at about 3:15 am in Castle Bruce, Jeremiah Lockhart was with his friends, and while talking to his mother Mr. Cuffy sneaked up on him and stabbed him in his rib area a few times before fleeing the scene.

When the defendant was caught and cautioned he said, “after them man burst my padna face a fella came up to me and started acting wild so I prick him twice with my scissors”.

In mitigation Mr. Cuffy said that he was sorry for what he did.

Magistrate Baptiste advised Mr. Cuffy that he should have left the police to deal with his friends situation and not get involved taking the law into his own hands like he is the sheriff, which is not acceptable.

She also advised the defendant that violence is not the way to resolve matters and he could have punctured Mr. Lockhart’s lung which could have easily turned into a murder case.

Mr. Cuffy was fined $1500 to be paid by December 31st, 2012 or in default spend 8 months in prison.

He was also ordered to pay compensation by way of $1500 by the above mentioned date or in default also sentenced to 8 months imprisonment, where both sentences are to run concurrently.

The victim Mr. Lockhart who was in court in a lot of pain showed the wounds which he received from the defendant Mr. Cuffy.

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