The Mayor of Roseau says that he has big plans for sports in the city


Mayor of the City of Roseau, His Worship Mr. Cecil Joseph, strongly believes that every individual should maintain their health by being active. While speaking with SAT TV News on August 25th 2010,  Mr. Joseph highlighted a few programs that the Roseau City Council will be embarking on in keeping with that goal.


“Rounders has been a very popular game among women therefore the Roseau City Council has decided to begin planning after the Independence celebrations has ended. We are hoping that the women of the city of Roseau can build their teams in order to create an ease on the day of registration,” said Mr. Joseph.


He said that he is currently joining forces with one particular individual who is well acquainted with the sport of domino as he believes that residents of the city of Roseau should engage in a form of recreation especially over the weekend.


He said, “we are now in the process of organizing a domino competition among men and women within the city and currently have eight (8) registered teams. Mr. Delvin Esprit has been asked to organize the league because of his skills in that field.


Joseph added that the Roseau City Council is also working on developing a football league among different communities across the island which is scheduled to begin in January 2011.

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