Mr. Whippy restores burnt down ice cream mobile Parlour

It was a very unfortunate situation, when an arsonist deliberately set fire to Mr. Whippy’s mobile ice cream parlor in September 2011, which resulted in a major loss to the business.


The incident which left the proprietors of ‘Mr. Whippy enterprises,’ Mr. Max Matthias and Mr. Edward Bedneau, baffled as to who would do such a mischievous thing to them since they have no enemies.


Although police have been investigating the matter, no one has been charged for the crime.



However every disappoint leads to a blessing, as now 7 months later the mobile parlor has been restored and is back in operation after many months of hard labor.


Speaking with Mr. Max Matthias who is one of the directors of Mr. Whippy enterprises says, it feels good to have the mobile parlor back in operation so business can continue as normal, although he has lost customers as a result of the mobile parlor being in a state of repair.


Mr. Mathias said he is thankful to a lot of help, from various persons, such as the government small business unit, and invest Dominica among others who assisted in any way they could in the restoration of the mobile parlor which was costly and labor intensive.


The director says the hurdle they are facing at this point is the constant delays, by the canefield urban council in granting them permission to sell ice cream at the Toulon Park in canefield.


Mr. Mathias is hoping that the directors at the canefield urban council can stop the long delays in negotiation, so they can come to an agreement which will be very beneficial to the community of canefield, since the park is not being used.


Mr. Whippy’s mobile ice cream parlor and juice bar is on the Bayfront on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 10pm, selling various flavors of ice cream such as; rum and raisin, vanilla, cookies and cream among others along with local healthy fruit juices.

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