Multi-Purpose I.D Cards not to be used for Next General Elections

Some members of the United Workers Party

Some members of the United Workers Party

“It was very clear coming from the Chairman of the Electoral Commission that Dominicans will not be having the Multi-Purpose Identification Cards for voting in the next General Elections.”

This statement came from Deputy Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), Claudius Sanford in an interview with SAT TV, following a meeting with the Electoral Commission on Wednesday June 18th.

The purpose of that meeting was to discuss the steps taken in the electoral process and whether or not it would have led to free and fair elections.

But to the Party’s disappointment the card would not be ready for use for the upcoming election, perhaps not until the next two years.

“We understand that there is the machinery, there is some people getting registered, some when asked why, clearly the answer was we do not have the legal authority as in our current Law to ensure total re-registration of voters,” The Deputy Leader explained.

Sanford added that his biggest disappointment was the inadequate reasoning why the card would not be used.

The Commission did agree however to begin a Public education drive.

Meanwhile, Joshua Francis, UWP Candidate for the Roseau South Constituency said this should not just be a concern of the Party but a national concern.

Sample of Dominica's MPID

Sample of Dominica’s MPID

“Ultimately if we allow the Electoral process to be contaminated, what we will have is a distorted Electoral result, but we want to ensure that every person who wants to elect a government does so freely and fairly so that it reflects his or her interest,” Francis added.

Efforts to contact Gerard Burton, Chairman of the Electoral Commission proved futile, however SAT TV will bring you an update as soon as it becomes available.

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