Multiplication Time Tables CD Launch

Head Table at the Multiplestime table CD Launch

The Ministry of Education has launched a Multiplication Time Tables CD.

This was during a meeting with the Ministry of Education for all principals in Dominica, to discuss key areas that they need to focus on during this school year.

This is part of their vision that every child must succeed and the fact that this year’s CSEC results showed a huge decline in Mathematics.

The CD is designed to enhance the teaching and learning of Mathematics, and particularly for those who are musically inclined.

Chief Education Officer, Mr. Stephenson Hyacinth says a nation’s children is its greatest resource and we need to do whatever we can to help every child succeed.

One of the things the Ministry hopes to see happen, is that all schools can establish PTA’s by the end of the month and a National PTA by the end of this term.

The principal plays an integral role in making sure that the vision is fulfilled.

A major concern is that appraisals are not being conducted most of the time for teachers and principals alike.

This makes it very difficult for the Ministry when someone is not performing and they need to be dealt with. Therefore without an appraisal being carried no action can be taken.

The second part of the meeting will look at Universal Early Childhood Education, Child-Friendly Schools, among others.

Copies of the CDs were given to all principals from primary and secondary schools.


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