Murder in the Kalinago Territory



murder.jpgFather of five Nickson Julien Francis laid dead in his yard in Gaulette River, in the Kalinago Territory after an altercation with his girlfriend turned violent and got out of control, which resulted in him receiving a fatal stab wound.


When Sat Tv arrived on the scene of the crime, a large crowd had gathered trying to catch a glimpse of the body, but police officers were at the site and had already locked down the crime scene.


Mr. Micheal James who is one of the brothers of the deceased says, he is going to miss his brother very much because they had a very close relationship, and he last saw his brother before he went to work that morning.


Speaking with the deceased Mr. Francis closest neighbor who chose to remain anonymous, she said that Mr. Franics and his girlfriend always had altercations, and the day before the incident the girlfriend came to her showing her the numerous bruises she received, which turned her skin blue when the deceased was beating her.


On the morning of the incident she had the quarreling but paid no attention to it as it was a regular thing but when she heard the girlfriend shouting call the police, she immediately went to the couple’s home and saw Mr. Francis laying dead in the yard.


The lady also said that the deceased girlfriend explained to her that, she had the knife while they were arguing and Mr. Francis tried to take it from her, which was when she swang it at him and it cut him.


Another brother of the deceased Mr. Vincent Francis says, when he heard the unfortunate news of his brother’s death he did not believe it, until when he saw his brother laying dead on the ground.


He said he would constantly talk to his brother about the frequent quarrels with his girlfriend, but he kept telling him that he is safe and alright.

Mr. Vincent said he loves his brother and that his brother was a good man, and he will always remember him.


After the body of the deceased was examined by the Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D), it was transported away from the crime scene in a awaiting vehicle.

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