‘Mystro Wok Sok’ confident that the ‘hot dog song’ will earn him the 2011 Road March Title

Allsworth Cuffy, better known as ‘Mystro Wok Sok’ is confident that his 2011 calypso hit ‘Sharon want a hot dog in her mouth’, will earn him the road march title.


Wok Sok, who is also the composer of ‘the hulahoop’ and ‘rice pelau’, which was penned over a decade ago, says he is pleased that his contribution to this year’s calypso season, is being appreciated by Dominicans all over the world.


He has since labeled the song as ‘the people’s song’.


The calypsonian says while the song may appear to be more humorous than serious, much thought was put into its lyrical content and tempo.


According to him, the song is ideal not just for the carnival season as it relates to the everyday way-of-life.


Cuffy’s CD which comprises of seven songs, including his 2011 calypso hit are now available for sale at the price of $10.00.


CDs can be purchased from Mas Camp officials or from the calypsonian himself, who can be contacted at telephone number 245 9356.

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