Nacheal Walsh is the 2013 Junior Calypso Monarch


Clip of Nacheal Walsh performance

The Isaiah Thomas Secondary School certainly has a reason to be happy, as 16-year old student Nacheal Walsh, captured the 2013 Junior Calpso Monarch title.

Ms. Walsh placed second close to winning the competition last year, however, she did not hesitate to grab onto this opportunity this year, with her song entitled “On The Brink”, written by Tim Durand.

In 2012, she placed second to Janae Jackson of the Convent High School.  However, this year the positions have been upturned.

When Janae Jackson placed 1st runner-up, Ms. Walsh appeared to be frozen on stage WHEN she realized that she was the winner.

She said she thought this was a dream, and never expected to win since she saw Ms. Jackson as her main competition.

jr monarch winner

Nacheal Walsh, capturing the 2013 Junior Calpso Monarch title.

After being announced the winner, her friends broke the rules when they ran onto the stage to show their support in a form of hugs and smiles.

In third place was Lemar “The Irish Kid” Irish of St. John’s Academy with “Endangered Species” written by Livingston.

Although he placed third, his song has had a positive impact on a lot of Dominicans, and they did not hesitate to portray it at the show.

Phael “Mighty P” Lander placed fourth with his song entitled “Ency” Cyrille composition entitled “Crank It Up”.

The show was organized by The Leo Club.


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