Nadira is Welcomed Home as Miss Jaycees Queen 2012

Nadira Lando (Middle)

Members of the DDA and DFC welcomed Nadira home with a motorcade on Wednesday August 8th.

After emerging as Miss Jaycees Caribbean Queen 2012 in Antigua, she is home to bask in her success along with her fellow Dominicans.

A conference was held at the Fort Young Hotel where Official from the various cultural organizations were present.

Dr. Alwin Bully, part of Nadira’s team says the crowning of Ms. Lando as Miss Jaycee is an honour and a proud moment for Dominica.

Besides Kings and Queens, he says royalty comes from talent, from hard work and expertise, and Nadira is our cultural royalty.

Miss Kathleen Cuffy who represents the DDA says participating in these pageants affords Dominica the opportunity to showcase our national beauty and talents, but emerging victorious continues to generate more awareness of Dominica, regionally and internationally.

Ann Lewis, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism says Nadira represents the best of Dominica’s youth, its creative talents and the best qualities of its rich and vibrant culture.

Achievements such as these are the result of hard work and we should emulate the dedication and commitment that Ms. Lando has displayed in our daily lives.

Nadira says being crowned Miss Jaycees is the most gratifying and humbling experience for her.

She feels a sense of duty to her Kalinago people for their long years of struggle and resistance and helping to build a Caribbean civilization.

Like our athletes at the 2012 London Olympic games, Nadira says we as Caribbean youth can do much more to put the Caribbean on the map, but she asks that we be given the necessary support to reach the heights of Usain Bolt and Kirani James.

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