Nadira Lando gives her Year in Review

Nadira Lando

Nadira Lando

Reigning Carnival Queen Ms. Nadira Lando is in mixed emotions, as the time for giving up her crown is near.

Ms. Lando says she remembers being crowned as Ms. Dominica as if, it was yesterday. She informed SAT  News that she woke up extremely early to go through everything with her chaperone for the show, although all the contestants were advised to rest until the night of the show.

Ms. Lando is still amazed at capturing 7 out of the 10 titles at the show. She capturing the 7 titles assured her that she was going to win. However, Ms. Lando was still nervous and scared of fainting on stage.

She noted, when they called out the 1st runner up and realized it was not her her heart froze because she knew she was the winner.

In regards to the Miss Jaycee’s Show, Ms. Lando said, the preparations were so hectic it caused her to become emotional at times.

She said what made her comfortable was seeing some of the girls she had already competed with in other pageants such as, Miss Caribbean World.

Ms. Lando’s message to the 2013 Queen Contestants is; entering the competition does not make you a woman or should not be used as an excuse to act like one. She says this needs to be a natural attribute.

She added, being Ms. Dominica gave her the opportunity to meet the Prime Minister Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit.  Therefore, she says the young ladies need to respect themselves and act a certain way in public.

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