Nadira Lando Speaks on Crime and Regional Integration

Nadira Lando

Miss Lando who will depart the Nature Island shores for Barbados where her law studies will commence when the reign of her Pageant titles comes to an end in 2013 says, more needs to be done to reduce the instances of crime and violence in Dominica.

She added that with the apparent increase in crime, there is a growing need for attorneys for representing alleged criminals since everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and is of the view that we need more specialized lawyers in Dominica.

Miss Lando says a lot of the times the persons involved in criminal activities are young people who need to be properly educated, and get involved in positive activities that would not give them the time to be lured into criminal acts and acts of violence.

She added that the use of counselors and anger management sessions every week should be used to its maximum potential to the benefit of the young persons to better control themselves, so with time they will become better individuals.

Miss Lando is also urging Caribbean countries to strengthen the bond with each other through regional integration so we can all rise together rather than competing with each other.


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