Chad Joseph Fined $2000

court3.jpgNajacki Thomas of Trafalgar was arrested for possession of cocaine and possession with intent to supply the said cocaine.

He denied all charges.

On the 9th of December he was found with 7000 grams of alleged cocaine in a vehicle in Massacre.

The prosecution is objecting to bail and says that investigations are still ongoing and other persons are being sought in connection to the matter.

Thomas was denied bail and remanded in custody. His matter is adjourned to the 11th of July 2013 and disclosure ordered by the 31st of May 2013.

And in more court news, 5 people were charged with possession of cannabis and cultivation of the said cannabis trees.

Chad Joseph, Roselyn Joseph, John Sylvester, Kishon Gordon and Franklyn Jackson appeared before Magistrate Candia George.

Chad Joseph pled guilty to both charges and all the others plead not guilty.

The charges were dropped against them.

On the 11th of December 2012 a search warrant was issued for the home of Roselyn Joseph on 21 Great Marlborough Street where the police found 18 cannabis plants outside the home and about 2 grams of cannabis in the house.

The trees were analyzed and tested positive for cannabis.

Mr. Joseph said he was very sorry for embarrassing his mother and family and he regrets getting involved with the drug.

His lawyer Jeffrey Letang suggested that the magistrate only order him to do community service.

But Magistrate George said that we do not have that in place in Dominica anymore so it was not an option.

He was ordered to pay $2000 by March 31st 2013 or spend 4 months in prison.


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