Nathaniel Gregoire of Grandbay Charged With Harassment

It was a very lucky day for one young man in court on July 5th.

Nathaniel Gregoire of Grandbay was charged with harassing Ms, Nioka Xavier of Fortune, near her business place on River Bank in Roseau.

Ms. Nioka is the infamous Diva Nioka, local celebrity, and has an ad with her phone number on it.  Mr. Gregoire saw the ad and took her number and started texting her.

On June 30th she saw him outside her business place saying that she was the love of his life and telling others that she was his girlfriend. Ms. Xavier reported the incident to the police and when they came to investigate, they met Mr. Gregoire sitting on a bench near Nioka’s business and when asked about the harassment, he replied “my girlfriend that there, she is the love of my life”

Magistrate Evelina Baptiste said that because Mr. Gregoire is only 18 years old and this is his first offense and he is just coming unto the job market, she will not impose a sentence, so that he won’t have a police record.

She warned him that in the future he must watch his conduct and carry himself in a manner that won’t bring him back to the courts.

Wilson Cochrane aged 46 of Cochrane pleaded not guilty to indecent assault against Seriah Thomas, aged 22.

The matter was adjourned to 3rd December 2012.

Bail was set at 19, 000 with Angus Esprit as surety.

Mr. Cochrane is to report to the Roseau Police Station every Tuesday and Thursday and stay away from the virtual complainant and witnesses in the case.

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