National Drug Prevention Unit Launches Peer Helpers Program

National Drug Prevention Unit presenting Peer Helpers Program to Senior Education Officer

The National Drug Prevention Unit launched their Peer Helpers Program on November 14th, 2012.

The Peer Helpers Program will be inducted into Primary Schools.

Ms. Jacinta Bannis, Director of the National Drug Prevention Unit, says through this program, students will assist each other to increase their knowledge about drugs and alcohol and their associated consequences.

 Grade five students who participate in Drug Education Workshops with the National Drug Prevention Unit, will volunteer or be selected to be members of the helpers program.

The teams will be monitored periodically and evaluated at the end of the year.

Mrs. Helen Royer, Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, says this program will assist the Drug Prevention Unit in sharing information about drugs and to help keep the school environment safe and drug free.

The Ministry of Health is also concerned about the trend in drug use, which results in about 80 percent of youth admission into the Psychiatric Unit.

For the Peer Helpers Program, principals must fill in a registration form in order for the school to participate.

The program will allow students to send articles, poems, and art work for publication, and will use their leisure time to speak with their peers.

They will also keep a journal as part of the program.

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