National Drug Prevention Unit Presents Mini-Billboards to Primary and Secondary Schools

Drug Prevention MiniBillboard

In 2006 A national secondary school survey revealed that students consumed over 52% of alcohol, 13% consumed cigarettes and close to 12% marijuana.

As part of Drug Awareness Month, the National Drug Prevention Unit presented mini-billboards entitled, “My Community, My Choice, No Drugs”.

This presentation was made to all primary and secondary schools across the Island on Wednesday November 14th.

Ms. Jacinta Bannis, Director of the National Drug Abuse Prevention Unit, is pleased to be working with the school system again, and that’s the Education Officers for always given them the platform to bring across their messages to the school students.

The ceremony was also to make the students aware of the dangers of drug use.

Ms. Bannis says the mini billboards will be a constant reminder of that they can make choices that will affect the rest of their lives.

Although there were no students at the presentation, Mrs. Windith Henderson, Senior Education Officer for Secondary Schools, says she hopes the message will get across to the schools.

She wanted to address the students on why teens in particular are on drugs. She says some of the major factors are peer pressure and self-worth.

She wants to remind students, especially those at the secondary school level that drugs do not solve problems, they only hide them.

Mrs. Henderson says she is not just talking about marijuana but prescription drugs as well.

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Mrs. Helen Royer, says this is an important milestone in students’ lives because these are very vulnerable years and she wants our schools to get it right.

The billboards are intended to create an awareness of the need to dispel the negative impact of drugs, and the motivate children to stay away from drugs

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