National I.D. Cards Will Soon be Implemented with Assistance from Commonwealth Secretariat

Roosevelt Skerrit.jpgThe implementation and management of national I.D. cards is one of the things which the Commonwealth Secretariat is expected to assist Dominica with, according to Prime Minister, Honourable Roosvelt Skerrit, at a press conference on Friday 17th June, 2011.


In his one-day visit to Dominica, Secretary General of the Commonwealth Secretariat, His Excellency Kamalesh Sharma, expressed the Commonwealth’s willingness to assist Dominica in areas such as electoral reform, youth development and especially in capacity building.


Mr. Sharma also mentioned the development of a network of electoral management bodies in the Commonwealth who would be responsible for elections in the Commonwealth Nations.


This year, a Commonwealth Summit is expected to be hosted in Perth, Australia, which will serve to create value and wealth in the Commonwealth Nations.


Prime Minister Skerrit acknowledged the assistance of the Commonwealth Secretariat in the past in areas of youth development, negotiation of tax treaties and reposition of aid banks among other things.

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