National Security Minister Concerned with Illegal Drug Problem in Dominica


(left to right) SAT Telecoms Reporter Larry Laroque and Minister of National Security, Labour and Immigration, Honourable Charles Savarin in the heat of a discussion.

Minister of National Security, Labour and Immigration, Honourable Charles Savarin, says he is concerned with the prevalence of illegal drugs in Dominica.

He said, the supply and abuse of mind altering drugs, including marijuana and cocaine, in addition to the trafficking of other psychotropic substances is cause for concern.

To see the negative effects of such drugs, he said, one can visit the prison or the hospital’s psychiatric unit.

Mr. Savarin commended the police department for their recent confiscations of large quantities of marijuana and cocaine, with street values of over one million dollars each.

As a result of the hard work by the Coast Guard, Customs, the Drug Squad, the Police, C.I.D, Intelligence and the Task Force, who all work in sync with each other have brought these criminals to justice.

Mr. Savarin noted this is a matter we have to continue to be vigilant about, as these illegal drugs are causing havoc in our society.


Minister of National Security, Labour and Immigration, Honourable Charles Savarin

According to Mr. Savarin, the public perceives unemployment as the cause for drug trafficking, the supply and the importation of illegal drugs; however, this is not so, as persons who are gainfully employed, some in well-established organizations, are deeply rooted in this illegal drug epidemic.

“Many people today, who appear to be successful come from very poor families and did not rely on a life of crime or illegal activity to advance themselves, rather they focused on their education,” Mr. Savarin explained.

He said one of the main issues, is that, people want to acquire all the finer things in life all at once, and the rate this can be done through illegal activities is the driving force, and find that regular jobs are just not making things happen fast enough.

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“That to my mind is a serious problem in our society and we need to get back to our values, morals, ethics, and commitment to work towards national development,” the minister added.

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