Nature Island 2.0 Kicks Off

Orientation 2Four teams have begun a four-day staged race that will cover roughly 50 miles along the renowned Waitukubuli National Trail.

The event, dubbed Nature Island 2.0, was organized by the Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) in a bid to attract stay over visitors to the Island.

Along the course, racers will encounter adventure, photo, and cultural challenges involving strategy, problem solving, and creativity, which will all be captured by Emmy Award Winning production firm, 360 Media Ventures.

Day one began on Segment 3 of the Waitukubuli National Trail in Bellevue Chopin.

In the first challenge of the day, the teams set up camp on the Bellevue Chopin playing field.

Competitors include a local team from Dominica, an American team affiliated with Ross University in Dominica and two teams from Trinidad.

The second challenge stop was at the Giraudel Flower House where teams made a traditional Dominica breakfast; then it was down to the Morne Prosper Primary School to the third challenge where the teams planted trees with the students.

Race begins at Bellevue Chopin, Dominica

Race begins at Bellevue Chopin, Dominica

The race continued through the Sulphur River Trail at Wotten Waven to the playing field.

The major challenge, which ended day one, took racers down to the Soufriere Sulphur Springs where they rode their bikes to Soufriere Bay, then rowed across the bay and back.

All four teammates will reunite following each daily race to participate in a major challenge.

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