Nayee Resigns from WCK Band to Pursue Solo Career


Former member of the WCK Band, Neijel Jno Baptiste, better known as “Nayee”

Former member of the WCK Band Neijel Jno Baptiste better known Nayee says his decision to resign from the band he was a part of for 13 years, on September 16th 2012, was one he needed to take in an effort to focus on his solo career.

With this extra time he plans to focus solely on his immediate goal which is composing his debut solo album.

However he stated the decision to resign was in no way to undermine the band, and the WCK music will continue to grow as they had a good legacy set even before his involvement.

At a press conference held on Friday January 11th 2013, for the release of his new song “Heat,” Mr. Jno Baptiste indicated currently he is a solo artist under the Fire Nation Entertainment Label.

With that he stated he has increased his ways of communicating, and has established social accounts on twitter and facebook while he is in the process of creating a website, all in the effort of keeping in constant contact with his fans.

He says that his fans should be aware that this time he is ready more than ever before, and having a solid foundation will allow him to be more confident and is eager to enhance and promote Dominica’s music.

Mr. Jno Baptiste pointed out that for 2013, his management team and himself have a number of plans in place that will take the musical industry to the next level.

Some of the plans thus far are year-round releases, high energy performances, videos, and collaborations with local and international artists just to name a few.

Triple Kay Global Lead Singer Benji Showing Support to Solo Artist Nayee

Triple Kay Global Lead Singer Benji Showing Support to Solo Artist Nayee

One of the representatives of the Fire Nation Management Team, Mr. Hanif Gregoire says this management team will take much of the workload away from the artist, so he can focus on his musical talent and creation process.

He said too often in Dominica, musicians have fallen victim to the disease in the form of “Bad Management,” but this will not be so with Mr. Jno Baptiste.

With the advances of modern technology every artist should use this as an advantage.

Events Director of the Dominica Festivals Committee, Mrs. Natalie Clarke-Meade revealed Mr. Jno Baptiste is one of Dominica’s talents she has been watching very closely, and advised him to stick to the vision he has for himself.

She advised him that he should not sign any contract, before his management team has vetted out and his entertainment lawyer has approved of it, so he does not sell his soul.

Mrs. Meade also advised the solo artist that he must use all means necessary, so he generates all revenue he can for the work he puts out.

Lead Singer of the Triple Kay Global Band, Mr. Wayne “Benji” Benjamin pointed out that although they had their differences, Nayee has also been like a brother to him and he supports this move for him to go solo.

Triple Global Members Enjoying Nayee's Song "Heat."

Triple Global Members Enjoying Nayee’s Song “Heat.”

Ambassador to the OECS and CARICOM Commissioner to the OECS, His Excellency Felix Gregoire, advised Nayee that he should follow a path of unity, as there is too much competition and fighting against each other in the music industry here.

  • calibishie native

    young musicians.greed get to their head.i respect the boss .its a ruff world out there,boss is good .many has failed,solo artisst with no money what a future.gone but not forgotten.nuff respect boss.

  • Support

    Dominica should and eventually will support this venture! Hats of and two thumbs up to you Nayee and the Fire Nation Management team. You will always get negative feed back, use that as fuel to keep going and may the light of God shine upon you always. Who Jah bless, No man Curse!

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