NBD participates in National Employment Programme

Sat-Telecoms2013-12-17-16h27m23s195Seven more individuals have joined the National Employment Programme, a Government of Dominica initiative, aimed at providing employment for qualified, unemployed persons.

The National Bank of Dominica Limited (NBD), on Monday April 7th, welcomed the interns, who will benefit from on-the-job training for a period of six months, gaining skills in customer service, accounting, and general banking.

NBD’s Acting Executive Manager for Human Resource & Organisational Development, Natasha Lugay, welcomed the interns.

She explained that their stint at NBD will help them to broaden their experience in the job market.

“In today’s ever evolving business environment knowledge and experience complement each other and are highly valued by employers.  More importantly, they result in well-rounded and more marketable individuals,” she stated.

They will undergo an orientation programme designed to familiarize them with the Bank’s procedures and culture prior to officially commencing their duties.

Coordinator of the NEP, Gloria Joseph, thanked the Bank for its decision to participate in the programme, stating that she was extremely pleased that NBD stepped forward to support the programme as it will assist them in achieving their goals to prepare citizens for employment, reduce unemployment and contribute to the development of Dominica.

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