NCCU launches Cadence Lypso Show

The National Co-operative Credit Union Ltd (NCCU), today July 15th has officially launched the opening of their Cadence Lypso Competition.

Mr. Raymond Lawrence, Chief Cultural Officer and representative for the Cultural Division, gave his support to the sponsors and organizers of the event for helping to promote and develop Dominica’s culture.

He compared the effect that Reggae Music has had in Jamaica, to how far Dominica can reach with the promotion of our Cadence Lypso and music in general.


Reigning Cadence Lypso King, Mr. Webster Marie, stage name ‘De Webb’

He says it is important that the private sector support the arts and all areas of culture.

Mr. Lawrence believes the competition does not only provide an opportunity for singers, but for song writers and performers, as well as musician.

Mr. Collin Piper, addressing the crowd as Director of Tourism with the Discover Dominica Authority, also voiced his support and appreciation of the NCCU for their partnership.

Last year’s competition introduced 50 entries, with 20 of those performances making it to the final show.


Mr. Collin Piper, Director of Discover Dominica Authority

Events Director, Mrs. Natalie Meade, said she is confident that they will receive more than 50 entries this year.

According to Coordinator, Marcel Harrigan, one of the major concerns of the partners, was that the show was too short last year; therefore they are looking to lengthen the event, to allow investors to make a return on their investments.

Reigning Cadence Lypso King, Mr. Webster Marie, stage name ‘De Webb’, says he may be writing his own song this year, and is excited to participate in this year’s competition and hopefully be crowned King once again.

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