Near 200 participate in Youth Skills Programme

Job Developer at the Youth Development Division, Matilda Popo

Job Developer at the Youth Development Division, Matilda Popo

The saying, everyone is not the same could not be closer to the truth. Some learn via audio, visual and others by hands on training.

A concept shared by the Youth Division and the Youth Skill programme, receiving nearly 200 applicants, eager to participate in their large selection training programmes.

In an interview with SAT TV, Job Developer at the Youth Development Division, Matilda Popo highlighted a number of those initiatives.

“We had training in dry wall for the young men in particular, and we also had training computer literacy where young men and women were given the opportunity to be trained in that field,” Popo stated.

In Castle Bruce, young persons engaged in home appliance repairs and computer literacy, while in Grand Bay and grand Fond, trainings were conducted in spray painting, home renovation and computer literacy.

Training also took place in Riviere Cyrique and Roseau, where the AGANA programme was conducted.

Participants were given the opportunity to showcase their products and skiils during an Open Day exhibition on May 15th at various youth centres across the island.

“What we normally do on Open Day is give the public the opportunity to interact with the trainees, and look forward to have prospective employers to see what the young people are doing, while they demonstrate what they have learnt,” Popo added.

Ms. Popo revealed that as a result of these trainings, participants have secured job prospects and have a new approach to business.computers3

She noted, the Youth Skills programmes have impacted a lot of young people, as many of those who complete various programmes have go on to be entrepreneurs.

According to the Job Developer, these are certified courses which are held based on need.

The Youth Division has held trainings since 1982, training over 8,000 people.

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