NEP Marketing Assistance Programme Stage Business Showcase

Owner of KV’s Delights, Kervin Vidal

Owner of KV’s Delights, Kervin Vidal

Two small businesses on Friday June 6th benefitted from a Business Showcase staged by the Ministry of Trade, Employment and Diaspora Affairs, through the National Employment Marketing Assistance Programme.

The showcase provided the opportunity for the National Employment Programme to display its support work to the selected businesses in the prime display space on the ground floor of the Financial Centre.

Owner of KV’s Delights, Kervin Vidal says, he was very thankful for the opportunity seeing that marketing and promotion is costly – his business makes confectionary including coconut cheese, coconut tablet, gooseberry and lougar.

Vidal added, his business which began on a small scale three years ago, has expanded and was officially registered in 2012.

Meanwhile Owner of Nature’s Caress, Dafrica Thomas, who utilizes locally grown herbs, fruits and spices to create bath and body products, was humbled by the opportunity to further market her products.

Thomas added, the public has been very supportive of her products.

The National Employment Marketing Assistance Programme also helped the business owners develop a new logo and labels for their business.

Owner of Nature’s Caress, Dafrica Thomas

Owner of Nature’s Caress, Dafrica Thomas

The showcase is the first of its kind hosted by the Marketing Assistance Program and follows closely on the heels of two Marketing Training Workshops held in Grand Bay and LaPlaine over the last few weeks.


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