New Access Roads for the Kalinago Territory Along with Housing for Low Income Families

Carib Chief, Mr. Garnette Joseph

Great things occurred in the Kalinago Territory as the signing ceremony for the construction of the access roads, as well as the construction of the Kalinago Territory low income housing project, took place on Tuesday, October, 2012.

The objective of this project is to enhance the capability of residents and institutions in the Carib Territory and manage development interventions.

Residents hope that this will provide an enabling environment in the developing of small and micro enterprises.

Carib Chief Mr. Garnette Joseph stated that the residents have been waiting for about 13 years and this is a very lengthy period.

He says this marks the beginning of a process that will allow the public to see the full benefits of the Carib Territory.

The chief says he does understand that funding may take more time than expected.

“New Houses” for the Kalinago Territory

Parliamentary Representative for Salybia Constituency and Minister of Carib Affairs Mr. Ashton Graneau says the most important resource pf the country is its Human Resource.

The Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Roosevelt Skerrit stated that this project is in the sum of 1.86 million dollars and this is a major investment which every country does to better their communities.

Mr. Skerrit added that the Carib Territory has a lot of attractive resources which needs to be showcased.

­­­­­Shortly after, the signing for the construction of the Kalinago Territory low income housing project funded by the People’s Republic of China took place.

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit

Mr. Skerrit commended the People’s Public of China as well as the Cuban Embassy for their major contributions.




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