New Approaches For Job Creation Needed to Combat Youth Unemployment

According to the 2012 International Labour Organization Report on Global Employment Trend, the world faces the urgent challenge of creating 600 million productive jobs over the next decade.

The Youth Minister, Honourable Justina Charles, says young people have suffered deterioration in labour market conditions and this is of great concern for our Dominican youth.

In addition to the 74.7 million unemployed youth around the world in 2012, a growing number whom are in long-term unemployment, an estimated 6.4 million young people have given up hope of finding a job and have dropped out the labour market altogether.

In this challenging economy, she recognizes the constraints and says that Government will continue to address them with a positive resolve through financial and other tangible and intangible support systems, to include the Dominica Youth Business Trust.

She encourages young people to take full advantage of opportunities available to them, whether in Education, for personal development, skill development and job opportunities in various fields.

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