New Cemetery for St. Ann and St. Paul

Massacre Cemetery

St. Ann’s and St. Paul’s Parish Priest Father Franklyn Cuffy, has informed SAT News of the new cemetery that is being used for St. Ann’s and St. Paul’s residents.

In 2001, the Massacre cemetery was shut down due to congestion by the environment department for two years.

He stated that 27 years ago the Nassief Company donated 5 acres of land to the village council to be used as a parish.

According to the parish priest 3.6 acres of that area was given to the Catholic Church.

Father Cuffy says lately it has become impossible to bury anyone at the Massacre cemetery due to amount of garbage as well as the congestion.

He says he was informed from one of the funeral homes that the approval has not been given for any burial to take place at the Mahaut Cemetery.

St. Paul’s Holy Cemetery (Mahaut)

Father Cuffy says the Bishop was informed by Mr. Williams of the issue and then brought it to his attention.

He says in the parish file there was a document indicating that they applied for permission to use the Mahaut Cemetery however, it expired in 2001.

The new cemetery will be referred to as “St. Paul’s Holy Cemetery”.

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