New Crime Fighting Technology Coming to Trinidad and Tobago

Minister of national security for Trinidad and Tobago, Jack Warner, says within the next few months there will be crime fighting technology in Trinidad and Tobago to detect when and where a shot is fired, and a squad car deployed within seconds of it being fired.

The national security minister said the equipment would be in Trinidad and Tobago within three or four months and he will call a meeting of the top ministers on 28 July to discuss it and to answer questions.

Warner said the technology is foreign and he would not disclose the name of the company nor the technology.
However the minister did reveal that part of the crime plan involved the posting of community police support service officers in every community throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

Warner explained that this group of officers would be established to supplement the existing cadre of police officers. The minister said these officers would have the same powers as regular police.

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