New CT scan services begin at Princess Margaret Hospital

Aquillon 16 Whole Body CT (Computed Tomography) Scanner

Aquillon 16 Whole Body CT (Computed Tomography) Scanner

The Ministry of Health in its efforts to ensure the continued provision of high standards of health care delivery at the Princess Margaret Hospital – PMH, has procured a new Aquillon 16 Whole Body CT (Computed Tomography) Scanner.

The Scanner is installed at the Radiology Department of the PMH, with uninterruptible power supply purchased at a cost of EC one million, seventy seven thousand, nine hundred and thirty.

It provides maximum productivity, uncompromised and excellent three-dimensional image quality, instantaneous visualization of acquired images, while having outstanding clinical performance in the diagnosis of medical conditions.

Engineers from Medika Imaging provided applications training to staff of the Radiology and Maintenance Departments.

CT Scan services for the general public are now available.

The Ministry urges the public to keep their appointments and take ownership of their health to continue living a healthy and productive quality of life, as they continue to ensure the continuity of quality health services for citizens and visitors.

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