New Culinary Program designed to address Unemployment


Culinary Arts Program

Measures are being taken for unemployed individuals to be involved in activities, that will allow them to be self-dependent and better prepared as working class citizens.

A Culinary arts skills program intended to teach persons how to develop their cooking abilities, is currently being held at the Canefield Urban Council.

The program is being hosted by the Adult Education Division and facilitated by caterer nurse Justina James.

The course which began on Wednesday April 10th, will continue for eight weeks and costs $30 for registration and $30 for the classes. Classes will be held every Wednesday from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. at the Canfield Urban Council building.

Mr. Tarcious Pacquette, Adult Education Officer for the West said, there are other plans for the participants of the program.


Tarcious Pacquette, Adult Education Officer for the West

Mr. Pacquette said various areas in cooking will be taught specifically West Indian cooking garnishing and pastries.

He stated people have misconceptions of what Adult Education is; it is not all about teaching people how to learn to read and write but empowering these people to be able to achieve great things.

Many other programs such as tiling, sewing and pastry making have already been conducted Mr. Pacquette said.     

The Adult Education Officer’s advice for people who complain about lack of jobs,was go in search of your own destiny, the opportunities are always there.Culi

Youth skills program and social programs are also available for interested persons he said.

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