New designate to Cuba promises better conditions for Dominican students in Cuba

Dominica’s potential designate to Cuba, Dr Charles Corbette has said that improvements in conditions for Dominican students studying in Cuba will be his first order of business, when he takes up his new position on September 1st, 2010.


Dr Corbette, a past graduate of a university in Cuba, is expected to present his credentials to the president of Cuba no later than August 31st, 2010.


“It consists of representing Dominica at the highest level, representing the interest of Dominicans especially students studying in Cuba….to build and strengthen existing relationships that we have in Cuba and to open new fronts, in terms of trade and economic development between Cuba and Dominica…” said Corbette.


Dr Corbette said that he intends to work with the respective governments to address the many concerns of Dominican students currently studying in Cuba.


He said that top on his agenda is a meeting with the students, which will determine the next step forward.


“It’s a different culture so my role really is to facilitate these students in terms of easing up some of the difficulties that they have, to work with the authorities both in Cuba and Dominica, so that we can make their stay in Cuba as comfortable as possible. First order of business is to meet with the students to find out what they have, what they need and how we can facilitate them to make their studies better,” said Corbette.


Prior to the position, Dr Corbette was attached to the Ministry of Carib Affairs.

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