New Domino Competition Launched


New Domino Competition Launched

In an effort of finally forming a solid Domino Association, a new competition has been launched.

Coordinator of the Mackeson Stout/Carib Beer Domino Competition, Mr. Devlin Esprit says, this off season competition will also unite players from all over Dominica.

Mr. Esprit said a number of teams participated in previous Mackeson Stout competitions, which have been going on for a very long time.

This helped to revive the sport of dominoes in Dominica.

He said, he hopes this year’s new competition will be very successful for the advancement of dominoes with a serious domino association.

Mr. Esprit mentioned, a successful Association would have to include persons not only from Roseau, but also the out districts who will all collaborate with each other.

This is important as it will mean the success or failure of the Association.

He said after the competition, two players will be selected to travel to Grenada where they will represent Dominica in a regional competition.

He said there are a number of prizes to be won at the end of the competition.

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