New Filling Station For St. John’s Co-Operative

Fishermen in the northern District of Dominica will now benefit from a new gas station located in Portsmouth.


This will serve as a filling station for their boats and other sea vessels.


Petro Caribe’s Sales and Marketing Manager Ian Pinard says that the government of Dominica saw the need for the fishing sector in Dominica and went forward with providing assistance as they saw fit.


Mr. Roy Casey, the Chairman of the St. John’s Co-operative is thankful to ALBA for the series of the station and says that it will also increase revenue as it will serve visitors and tourists alike.

The St. John’s Co-operative was inaugurated last week and is one of the largest Co-operatives in Dominica with over 75 members.


Filling stations will be constructed in the communities of Marigot, San Sauver, Fond St. Jean, Portsmouth and in Scottshead.


Honorable Ian Douglas, Minister of Tourism and Legal Affairs, was pleased to announce that filling station was one of the benefits to the country from the foreign policy initiative.


So far 5 of the filling stations already constructed are in good working condition according to Petro Caribe’s Sales and Marketing Manager Ian Pinard.


The filling station has organized a rebate system in which fishermen will receive 50 cents back on every gallon purchased.


Therefore the money saved can be used to begin a pension fund for fishermen or to repair equipment used by them.


Some already established filling stations have used these funds to provide bonuses at the end of the year as part of the social program with Petro Caribe.

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