New Fire & Ambulance Branch opened in St Joseph

On August 16th, the St Joseph community welcomed a new Fire and Ambulance Service branch which will now service the western district. The new fire station was officially opened following a short ceremony at the Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church yesterday, attended by several dignitaries including the opposition Leader of the United Workers Party, Honorable Hector John. Fire Chief Mr Josiah Dupuis said that the station will compliment the unique reputation of volunteerism normally displayed by the St Joseph community.


“I think the advent of this station is an opportunity for fire officers who are assigned to the St Joseph station to rekindle what used to be probably the best volunteer corps on the island,” said Dupuis.


Chair person of the St Joseph Village Council, Mrs Vinna Royer said that the establishment which has been a need for decades will allow a reduction in response time for fire and ambulance calls.


“We are all happy to be here this afternoon; I am hoping that together we can make it something very vibrant. There is going to be more than just fire officers here, we are putting together a voluntary corps that will supplement what was given to us,” said Royer.


Parliamentary Representative for the St Joseph Constituency, Honorable Kelver Darroux said that this new station will assist the entire west coast which is normally prone to bush fires during the dry season.


“This fire and ambulance service will go a long way in alleviating the plights of the persons on the west coast. The many times that we had bush fires especially during the dry season, we had to wait for service from Portsmouth or Roseau,” said Darroux.


National Security Minister Honorable Charles Savarin said that the station will be equipped with a first aid tender and an ambulance whereby 6 fire officers will be station in the first instance, while additional fire officers will soon be trained and deployed.


The new facility, funded by the Government of Dominica, is being housed in a rented building, and is expected to provide fire coverage and ambulance service for the communities of St Joseph and the west coast. Prior to its establishment the west coast was covered by the Fire and Ambulance services of Roseau and Portsmouth.

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