New fisherman lands over 500 pound fish

Just like a birth date, february 29th 2012 will always be remembered by one lucky fisherman.


When albert rolle of goodwill went out to fish in the early hours on wednesday february 29th, he had no idea he would return with his biggest catch to date.


Mr. Rolle says he recently adopted the trade of fishing, as a means of earning income to do his best in life honestly and lawfully.


Mr. Rolle said that since he took up the trade there have been a number of days he came back from fishing without anything to show for it, but he finally struck it big with the blue marlin.


He says, since he was a teenager he was a diver as he always loved the sea, so he decided to take it more seriously, and that was when he purchased a boat in december of 2011 and went into fishing.


Mr. Rolle says his 20 foot boat was made locally from a boat builder in massacre, and is powered by a 40 horse power engine which is very economical and everything has been working well so far.


He says he loves what he does, so the days when his catch is not what he expected, he still gives thanks to god for his safe return to land.


He went to say his investment will pay for itself, and he is determined to make the best of his fishing profession especially during these hard economic times, and always will give god thanks for his blessings.

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