New Immigration Measures and Updating of Economic Model for Cuba


Cuban Ambassador, Ms. Juana Elena Ramos Rodriguez

The Economic Model in Cuba was updated and new immigration measures were implemented on January 14th 2013.

The guidelines for updating the Cuban Economic Model were adopted by the 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba in April 2011. Therefore, the model was updated with the purpose of improving , while preserving the basic principles of socialism.

Cuban Ambassador Ms. Juana Elena Ramos Rodriguez, says the economic update process will be gradual and will be implemented in several phases, but will not involve any political reform in their country.

Ms. Rodriguez stated, significant steps are being taken and progress is being made in adjusting the existing legislation, in line with the changes to be implemented.

The agricultural sector will be given a full priority in view of the need to reduce the imports of food products that can be produced in Cuba.

In line with this, one of the key objectives of the updating of the economic model, food production, and two new Degree-Laws on granting land in usufruct were adopted.

She noted, this new provisions established a broader legal framework for land tenure in usufruct.

In relation to the new immigration measures, they are not isolated actions; they fall within the irreversible process of normalizing relations between the emigrants and their homeland.

Ms. Rodriguez says these measures result from the political will of the Cuban Government, to strengthen the ties between the nation and its emigrants.

The Cuban Ambassador said the updating of the Cuban Immigration Policy has had a positive impact on the Cuba emigration.

In the public statements made by Cuban associations overseas, the immigration measures continues to be discussed positively.

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