New Medical School Planned for Turks and Caicos

Provost/ Dean, Mr. Tomlin Paul, Governor Ric Todd, Founder, Mr. Raul Cuadrado and Dr. Carlton Mills.

After years of consideration, consultation, and pending approvals, Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) Governor Ric Todd has announced that there will be a new medical university opening on the most populous island, Providenciales (Provo), late in 2013.

The school will be the first four-year university in the TCI, joining the Community College campuses in Grand Turk and Provo. It is unclear where the faculty will be sourced but it has been announced that some local physicians will play into the curriculum. An existing building will begin modification soon with an investment of $8.4 million.

Known as Global University of Medicine and Public Health (GU-Med), the school will provide a four-year course leading to a doctor of medicine (MD) degree, as well as several other certificates for medical practitioners, nurses and public health accreditation. It is thought that the existence of this facility when operational will attract students from overseas that will boost the economy.

The facility will not include dormitories and students will choose from a number of available apartments that currently remain empty due to the contracting economy in the TCI.

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