New Ownership for Canefield Industrial Estate

Federick BaronThe New Ownership of the company “Nature’s Water”, was officially introduced to the public on Monday January 28th.

Managing Director of Nature’s Water Mr. Frederick Baron, explained that Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean, is renowned for its abundant water, wilderness and natural beauty.

Mr. Baron emphasized how purified the water is, and it is also ideal for both the aged as well as the young.

He says so far, they only have 9 employees however, they are looking for a sales person to make it 10.

Although the plant was on sale for 1.2 million dollars, Mr. Baron said they spent less than the original price.

He described how the water looks when it comes into their tanks, what it contains and the process to transform it to the final product, which is the “purified water”.

nature's water equipmentThe Company currently uses quality Dominican water that is purified. He noted in many countries, most people have difficulties with drinking the tap water however, our tap water is potable.

The Company’s recommended retail price of the water is $1.75 per bottle which allegedly, is the cheapest on the marketandthe 5 gallon bottle still remains at $15.00.

The Enterprise hopes to be able to export within a month, to the entire Northern Caribbean Market.

Mr. Baron says the first aim is to supply their product to all the wholesales businesses locally.

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