New Pilot Programme Launched to Improve Students Literacy

Caribbean Examinations Council Pro-Registrar Mr. Glenroy Cumberbatch

In an effort to upgrade the literacy level of students, five primary schools were selected to participate in a pilot programme titled the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPA), which is an addition to the Grade Six National Assessment Exams.

The schools are; the Massacre Primary, the St. Luke’s Primary, the Roosevelt Douglas Primary, the Tete Morne Primary and the Castle Bruce Primary School.

A 2 day workshop for 15 teachers from grades five and six of the above mentioned schools were engaged in discussions of the CPA.

They gave their opinions of the pilot, and feedback on the student’s literacy performance for the programme that was launched in January 2012.

Caribbean Examinations Council Pro-Registrar Mr. Glenroy Cumberbatch who is ALSO the Coordinator of the CPA says, he believes strongly that if parents make the time to involve themselves in the education of their children, they in turn will perform better.

Mr. Cumberbatch pointed out that based on how the CPA’s Pilot works in Dominica, there is a possibility that it may replace the Grade Six National Assessment Exams.

The CPA’s Coordinator says that one of the goals of the education strategy of the Organization for Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), is to have a common examination across the OECS Caribbean States which is what the CPA is intending to do.

He added that the CPA is also being piloted in countries such as; Grenada and Anguilla who have already integrated the CPA in their primary school education system.

However Dominica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, and Jamaica are currently piloting the programme, while Barbados may join that list soon.

Mr. Cumberbatch says so far they have been receiving positive feedback from teachers, parents, and the principals in addition to the students.

He pointed out that they are trying to help students learn and perform better.

The long term goal of the CPA is to enable all students who leave school to have a number of literacies, that can help them function effectively in day to day life as well as make more use of their secondary school education.

Mr. Cumberbatch says that if all schools focus on the CPA, the high number of students leaving primary school to attend high school without the composite skills will be reduced

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