New program for Universal Secondary Education students

Universal Secondary Education students now have a better chance at doing well in academics, as a local education and training centre has launched a program that, will provide all children with an alternative that aims to enhance their numeracy and literacy skills.

The Director of Achievement Learning Centre, Ms. Beverly Leblanc says the Education Opportunity Program (EOP), is a Life Skills Based Education Program which targets students who are at risk within primary and secondary schools.

Ms. Leblanc says that this program will assist young people to develop self-efficacy; a belief in their own capacity to succeed, by providing opportunities to learn and practice such skills on a day to day basis.

Students will be exposed to a learning that will help develop the competencies and prerequisite skills necessary to experience academic success and identify strategies to support responsible behavior change.

Ms. Leblanc pointed out that the program supports Universal Secondary School education, like a bridge from primary to secondary school, for students who did not meet the competency level requirements to enter secondary school.

In addition, the students that are in the program so far, have shown an improvement in their attitude, self esteem and their motivation to learn.

The Director says it is very important parents enroll their children in the program, so they can make significant improvements in their academics as well as social skills, which in turn will be a great investment.

The program is an everyday program which runs from 9am to 1pm.

The Achievement Learning Center was established in 2009, and is located in number three Elliot Avenue in Pottersville.

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