New Road in Salybia Constituency Enhancing the Life of the People

The Horse Back Ridge Road

The Horse Back Ridge Road

Parliamentary Representative for the Salybia Constituency and Minister for Carib Affairs, Honourable Ashton Graneau is describing the new Horse Back Ridge Road, as one of the most important developments in the Kalinago Territory.

Graneau is excited at the economic opportunities created in tourism and agriculture through this project.

He stated and I quote, “It is going to enhance the environment in that area; the area is known to be one of the spots where tourists visit and get a view of the Kalinago Territory both right and left, “end quote.

The minister said the road will open up new agricultural lands, while indicating persons have already begun tilling the soil there and more farmers will utilize the road for the purpose of opening up new lands.

It also connects the village of Concorde, which is also a tourist sight.

The Horse Back Ridge Road is one of six components under the Caribbean Development Bank funded Kalinago Territory Capacity Building Project.

The project involved the rehabilitation of 1.3 kilometres of road and the construction of one kilometre of new road at a cost of EC $1.86 million.

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