New Special Education Programme

Mr. Petter St. Jean

According to the Education Minister, Petter St. Jean, in September, Dominicans can look forward to a structured special education program for children with severe learning difficulties.

As part of a summer workshop organized by the Ministry of Education, Dominica Association of Teachers and Canadian Teachers Federation, classes are being held on Special Education, among others.

Owen Fortosky, a principal, who has focused on special education for 20 years says lots to consultation with doctors and teachers is needed and then that information may be needed for some testing, to diagnose if a child needs special attention.

He says the definition of special education needs to change as more and more new developments are arising in the field.

There are many techniques to working with different children and their needs.
Each child is different.

The more you consult and figure out what works well at home the more you can integrate that child into the school.

He would like to continue to communication with Dominica, so some of the things learnt here can be transferred to Canada as well.

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