New Uniform for Newtown School Students

Newton School Children in their New Uniforms

The students, parents, faculty and all who views the brand new uniform of the Newtown Primary School, which made its official debut on Wednesday September 5th, all have positive things to say about the new idea of the uniform change.

It was somewhat history in the making, as while most students simply got new school clothes for the commencing of the September 2012 School term, the students of one school in the Roseau Central District got a total overhaul which is receiving high ratings from the public.

This new uniform which is the brainchild of grade six Teacher Ms. Theresa Lewis says it was long overdue.

Ms. Lewis added from hearing the unpleasant comments persons were saying when the Newtown School attended the National Youth Rally over the years, she decided it was time to come out with a new uniform.

Ms. Lewis added that the colours chosen were just something that came to mind while trying to create a contemporary look that could go with every complexion.

She also added that it is hoped that the new uniform will instill a sense of pride in the students, especially in this new school term.

Ms. Lewis is also advising all students to wear their uniform proudly with a sense of pride and purpose, and work together to secure a sound education for growth and development.

Mr. Jerry Copiel, Principal of the Newtown Primary School pointed out that the design was overwhelmingly accepted by the parents and commended Ms. Lewis for her brilliant idea.

Mr. Copiel also added that they have been planning for a number of years now to change the uniform, and now that it has been done the students are very excited about it.

Ms. Martha Fagan, who says most of her children went to the Newtown Primary School and currently has one child in grade six, pointed out that the change of the uniform is a great new move.

Many other parents and students shared the same sentiments in expressing their appreciation of the new uniform.

The uniform features a lilac school shirt along with navy blue pants for boys, and skirt for girls and is completed with a navy blue tie which has the school’s name on it.

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