Newly appointed DSC President admonishes the students as they begin the new school term

Newly appointed President at the Dominica State College, Dr. Donald Peters has called on students at the learning institution to focus on their educational and individual development, as they commence the new school term. Dr. Peters said that the management and staff at the Dominica State College will continue to do their best to provide education of a high standard, as they prepare students for the working world.


“When you come to DSC whether you choose a career in agriculture, tourism or nursing, you can also prepare to transfer  to a four-year college in the US, Canada or Europe. We successfully prepare our students to get ready to take their places in the international world’, said Dr. Peters.


Dr. Peters said that while the institution will soon be offering a number of new degrees and programmes, they will continue to focus on continuing education programmes for adults.


According to him, ‘areas we want to look at in the future are Water Resource Management, Public Policy and Administration and Political Science. These subjects are relative to the economy and we also hope to provide a degree in Social work. In addition, we want to bring our adults back to school under the continuing education programme, which will be our priority’.


The DSC president also had some words of advice for the students.


‘When you’re in school, it is hard work, it is not high school anymore…go to your classes and after classes, continue working. You should familiarize yourself with your texts, study hard and you will graduate with honors’, Dr. Peters advised.

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