Newtown Primary School on Fund Raising Drive

President of the Newtown School, P.T.A Mr. Andy Neubeck

In an effort to aid underprivileged students of the Newtown Primary School and children in the community of Newtown, the Parent Teachers Association (P.T.A) has taken up the fund raising idea in the form of a raffle.

This is just one of the many fund raising efforts the school will be taking on as the proceeds will also go towards buying items for the school.

President of the Newtown School P.T.A Mr. Andy Neubeck says normally a barbecue would be done, but as he is a Goldsmith he decided that something better can be done.

Mr. Neubeck said he added the handmade gold chain as a first prize as he believes  it will be attractive enough to attract many people to take part in the raffle.

He pointed out some of the cash raised will go towards, stationary, school trips,  and school uniforms for children’s parents who cannot afford.

The President of the P.T.A stated the Ministry is helping however; additional funding for the operation and other expenses of the school are needed.

In addition,  the Ministry’s resources are spread amongst various Government schools.

He said it is always good when people can help themselves which is exactly what they are doing, instead of solely depending on the Government.

Mr. Neubeck says raffle tickets can be obtained at the Newtown Primary School, at the Gas Station in Newtown, from teachers of the school and at his Coconut Express Jewelry Shop located in Roseau across from Domlec.

Tickets cost only $5.00 and the draw will take place on Friday December 21st, and the winners will be contacted.

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